Certified Translations

Need a certified translation? I provide certification services for translations in the United States. Please send me the details of your certification needs and I will get back to you with a quote. Notarized translations are also possible through remote notaries.

Why Machine Translation is Not My Bogeyman

There are many misconceptions about the job of translators. When I get out from behind my computer and into the world, the people I interact with, from family members to other professionals to parents in my son’s 0-3 play group, inevitably do one of the following: treat me as a human dictionary, express skepticism about […]

Race, resistance, and social change

New published translation out in The Red and the Black: The Russian Revolution and the Black Atlantic. This book is part of an exciting and timely series on race by Manchester University Press. Other titles include: A Savage Song: Racist Violence and Armed Resistance in the Early Twentieth-Century US-Mexico Borderlands (by Margarita Aragon), Black Resistance […]

France in the World

New published translations in this dynamic collaborative project: This dynamic collection presents a new way of writing national and global histories while developing our understanding of France in the world through short, provocative essays that range from prehistoric frescoes to Coco Chanel to the terrorist attacks of 2015. Bringing together an impressive group of established […]


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Hi, I’m Alexis. I’m an independent American translator living in Marseille, France. I read books in French and English, think a lot about language and culture, and mother a two year-old polyglot.

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